Corporate Photography

Internal Marketing | Promotions

Every stable and progressing business should think about their visual identity and online presentation. The personal branding story of each company is an important asset to the overall performance of the business and of its development.


It turns out that not many companies have good portraits of their management and staff, meaning that the poor, low quality or random images used in companies’ websites can only scare away the potential new clients. Your business only gets one chance for the first impression, so it is very crucial for it to be as good as possible. Defining who you are and what you do, who are your employees and what are their roles will help people perceive you in the right way and trust you.

Team Building Events | Outings

Minimum 2 Hours, includes a minimum of 20 Images Per Hour.

Because most aspiring models don’t live in major modeling markets like New York, Los Angeles, Paris, London, Milan or Tokyo where they can attend a go-see or open call, they need to submit their photos by mail, email, or through an online model scouting company.


Whether you’re a new model just starting out, or even a model with experience who is looking to expand your representation to bigger markets, Let us help you get your photos right the first time and improve your chances of getting signed to an agency and getting booked for modeling jobs.

Conferences | Events

Minimum 2 Hours, includes a minimum of 20 Images Per Hour.

In many events happening today, event photographers play a significant role in ensuring which all the important moments of the events are recorded and captured. This is especially so in corporate event photography, where photographs are needed for the after event report or debrief to various stakeholders in the corporation.


Depending on the type of corporate event, the photography needed can vary. For more extensive events with a large number of guests, corporate event photography alone may not be enough. Corporations may also consider hiring a photographer to improve guest relations for occasions such as the company dinner and dance party.